There’s nothing quite like the feel of the sun on your face. The warmth that spreads across you as a light breeze gently tugs at your clothes. A moment of utter serenity in an otherwise busy existence.

Despite that nurturing glow, we spend 90% of our day indoors and often under artificial light.

This is somewhat baffling considering the known benefits natural light provides.

Just as getting enough fruit and vegetables in your diet is essential to a healthy life, so is getting enough natural light. 

Introducing more natural light into your home can have a number of benefits, not least of which being a much brighter space to enjoy.

This is especially important as we look to Winter, as the days become shorter and natural light becomes harder to come by!

Below are a few ways in which bringing more natural light into your home can pay dividends.

Natural Light Improves Your Health

It’s common knowledge that natural light allows the skin to absorb vitamin D – a nutrient that prevents bone loss and reduces the risk of disease.

This is somewhat of an oversimplification as the vitamin D helps to invigorate T cells – the white blood cells that fight off infection. Without sufficient exposure to natural light, our T cells are unable to switch from dormant to active. This leaves us vulnerable to foreign pathogens.

Sitting under VELUX skylight for a couple of hours a day – with a good book and a cuppa – can make the difference between fending off the cold and flu season and succumbing to it.

Research also suggests that sunlight can affect the levels of nitric oxide in the blood which can reduce blood pressure. This can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Natural light is also good at helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. The light helps to improve communication between the region of the brain that controls emotion and the area of the brain that controls reason and logic.

Just 30 minutes a day (again with a good book and a cuppa) can make all the difference if you struggle with these issues.

Natural Light Saves You Money

Whether you put in a Sun Tunnel, floor to ceiling windows or combination windows for your bedroom, natural light saves you money.

It’s a fairly obvious benefit. The more windows you have, the more light flows into your home. It not only makes your home brighter, more vibrant and a happier place to be, but you don’t need as many lights on.

Dark landings and stairways aren’t only depressing but they’re needlessly dark. They require electric lights all year round.

Something like a VELUX Sun Tunnel can be invaluable as they not only brighten the space considerably but reduce the need for artificial light.

Natural Light Can Make You Money

Whether you’re installing skylights in your new kitchen extension or transforming your living room into a sun trap with a window wall, natural light adds value to your home.

Natural light makes rooms feel bigger, more homely and showcases any nice views of the garden or surroundings. As such potential buyers will haggle less over the asking price, meaning you’ll make more profit on the sale.

The same logic applies to rental properties. If you have a nice light and airy property, renters are more likely to pay a higher price than a bigger property with less natural lighting.

Natural Light Reinvigorates You

Our modern world makes it difficult to get to sleep. Thanks to the ubiquity of technology we have 24-hour news, social media on tap and we’re never short of a series to binge.

The 1 am ‘just one more episode’ mantra is common in most households.

Then there’s the artificial light. Or lack of natural light. Natural light helps our bodies to regulate the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This hormone increases as the natural light diminishes.

Which is why we feel tired at night and sleeping in the day can make us feel out of sorts.

By flooding your home with natural light your body will develop a steady circadian rhythm. So by the time you go to bed you can not only get to sleep but have a better quality of sleep. 

Studies suggest that people who are exposed to more natural light sleep an average of 46 minutes more per night.

The upshot of this is a better night’s sleep means you feel rested and have more energy for the following day.

Natural Light Can Increase Your Intelligence

Studies suggest that individuals who are regularly exposed to natural light and/or have a nice view, have improved memory function and recall.

There is also further evidence to suggest that it can improve comprehension as well.

So if you’re trying to do the crossword puzzle, tackling a particularly complex novel or just trying to make sense of the world, sitting on a VELUX CABRIO balcony may just be the way to do it.

Make The Most Of Natural Light In Your Home

If you’re planning to do up your home then work with your architect to incorporate as much natural lighting as you can. There are a range of products that can help you open up spaces, transforming quite closed spaces into havens of natural light.

However, that will only get you so far, especially if the room itself isn’t planned out correctly. So, make sure your furniture isn’t too dark so it absorbs the light. Or positioned in such a way that it blocks the windows.

Use mirrors to help reflect light and make spaces feel bigger. Equally, paint the window surrounds white to amplify the natural light. Choose lighter colours for the walls too to help reflect the light.

Natural sunlight will make your home feel brighter, more homely and lighter. With sunny days a rare and precious commodity, it’s important to make the most of the light we have all year round.

If you want to transform your home and let in the light, we can help. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with a member of our team today.

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Absolutely delighted with the workmanship, the tidy work, and the effect of the 2 sun Tunnels. Brilliant, in every way.

Keith F.
2 Velux Sun Tunnels

We are delighted with our Sun tunnels ,and would highly recommend Kevin ,from start to finish he was friendly and clean and tidy .

Thanks again Kevin.

Julie & Alan - West Parley
2 Velux Sun Tunnels

Thank you for the windows installation organisation. The windows are really smart and we now usually press the correct open/close switches for the different items. Kevin was very organised with the work, neat, clean and tidy throughout all. Our house is small and the access was a bit tight for them to work. He explained how to operate everything. We were also blessed with dry, all be it very cold weather, for the two installation days.

Nina - Southbourne
Solar Windows, Solar Blinds, Solar Awnings

Kevin installed a replacement VELUX window. for us. From initial phone call to installation everything was carried out in a friendly and efficient manner. Very tidy and clean while they were working. I would definitely recommend Kevin.

Howard - BH23

Kevin installed a VELUX sun tunnel in the ceiling of our very dark hallway. The installation was very quick and Kevin kept the work place clean and tidy at all times. I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin both for workmanship and price.

Ian - Sturminster Marshall
Sun Tunnel

What a professional, reliable, trustworthy and friendly service! Nothing was too much trouble and the quote remained the same despite additional work being identified during the course of the works. I am delighted with the installation and highly recommend BWPS to all!

Christine - BH21

I am extremely happy with the replacement VELUX window that Kevin fitted. The work was done quickly and efficiently with no mess to clear up after the job was done. I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone.

Lisa - Southampton
Replacement Window

Over the last couple of years I have replaced 4 unsuitable roof windows (which wouldn’t pass planning nowadays) with VELUX windows and each time asked Kevin to carry out the works. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to undertake similar home improvements.

BJ - Blandford

Part of the installation of our windows was professionally taken care of by Kevin and his assistant and plasterer .We are delighted with the result and would recommend Kevin any time you need any windows – Courteous, hard-working, exceeded our expectations. Thank you for a great job!

Anon - Poole
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